Couch By Couchwest Song of the Year – “Alone in Memphis” (Austin Lucas)

Now that Couch By Couchwest (CXCW) is closed, it’s time for me to announce my favorite CXCW song of 2013.

I was introduced to Austin Lucas thanks to last year’s CXCW festival. I will be eternally grateful. He is another member of the Last Chance Records stable (to whom I’ve paid a lot of money over the years).

Know this: as the first ever performer at CXCW, Austin is a third-year veteran and his 2013 submission, “Alone in Memphis,” made be both smile and cry. I can’t sing as evidenced by my submission of “Piece of Crap” (search for it), but if I could I would want to sound just like Austin.

To prove I’m objective and not on the payroll of Truckstop Darlin’ or Arliss Nancy, here is Austin performing my favorite CXCW song of 2013:

Check him out in a town near you as he’s always on the road.

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