Davey Brown – Live EP

You expect Telecaster twang and pedal steel from the myriad bands in Nashville, Tennessee. Austin, Texas, too — but tinged with cowpunk for good measure. You can wander into most any bar in these cities any night of the week and find something that fits this bill. I dare you to do the same in our nation’s capital.

So imagine stumbling into a dive bar somewhere outside of Washington’s NW quadrant and watching a band that’s sorely out of place, possibly making it up as they go along but yet suitably appropriate at that moment for your whiskey-soaked soul.

Songs of longing, hurt and regret shouldn’t be perfect. They should, however, be heartfelt. And true.

Weaving these elements through a six-song set recorded at DC’s Rock & Roll Hotel, Davey Brown‘s Live EP nails the waining hours of a Saturday night that bleed over into a Sunday where you’re later left trying to piece together fractured moments. The end result may never be clarity, but in your heart you know something went right. With music, that’s all that matters. No matter the locale.

We’ve all been there. The past is the past. Thankfully Davey Brown documented it for us. All that’s left to do is download Davey’s Live EP and move on.

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