Lineup Change for Truckstop Darlin’

a2187487622_10I hate for this to be my first “exclusive” but were it not for the band Truckstop Darlin’ I wouldn’t have started this mess in the first place. Sometimes a band comes along and changes your life. For me, Truckstop Darlin’ are one such band. So it’s bittersweet to announce that bassist Nick Foltz is leaving the band to pursue a solo career.

As noted on the band’s Facebook page: “Hey everybody! Our long time bass player, Nick Foltz, is leaving Truckstop to pursue his own project. It’s all good and we wish him the best with his future endeavors. For now, John’s brother Matt will be filling in on bass and rehearsals are sounding great! April tour dates will be posted soon! See ya soon!”

Nick announced his plans on his Facebook account: “I am excited to announce that April 19th I will begin recording my first solo record with John Shepski and the fine folks at Fluff and Gravy Records. This is gonna be my first record without a band so it will be a new experience in the studio and one that I am anxious to get underway.”

I had the pleasure of seeing Nick perform solo opening for Truckstop Darlin’ this past September in his hometown of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where I was lucky enough to spend some time talking with his mother. She couldn’t be prouder and was amazed I knew every word to every song the band played that night. It was a truly special night in Kentucky.

I wish Nick well and hope to catch him on the road soon.

Check him out performing “Southern Ghosts” from the band’s Best of 2012 release, Hope and the Heart it Breaks:

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