Review: The Sloopers – Shallow Seas of Self Solitude

a0948156857_10Riddled with alliteration, shrouded in secrecy and seemingly named after Norwegian emigrants (circa 1825), The Sloopers (@thesloopers) have released their debut EP, Shallow Seas of Self Solitude.

Title aside, the linguistic wordplay continues with the song titles (Superman, anyone?), providing a nod to their namesake on the EP’s last track:

1. circling vultures
2. fortress of self doubt
3. opus of solitude
4. seek and you hide
5. ships of the night

With only a cursory listen, the multi-tracked and layered harmonies on Shallow Seas of Self Solitude could be easily lumped in with other precedent modern day folk bands. Given the concise nature of the release, whoever is behind The Sloopers has recorded a full narrative in encapsulated form.

The video for “ships of the night” does nothing to shed light on the mystery that is The Sloopers.

Listen to and download a pay-what-you-want digital copy of Shallow Seas of Self Solitude below:

[bandcamp album=1942766784 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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