Two Cow Garage New Album Fundraiser

tcg_tdotspsMicah Schnabel, founder of Two Cow Garage (@twocowgarage1), and I were born roughly 19 miles apart. Both Ohio boys, neither of us adhere to the time warp that has draped our home state.

Last Chance Records, one of my favorite labels (Glossary, American Aquarium), recently announced they are releasing the entire Two Cow Garage (TCG) back catalog in digital format. On top of that, they will handle distribution of the recently completed TCG album, The Death of the Self Preservation Society.

However, there’s a catch.

The band needs to raise funds to produce and promote the album. Here’s where you, as a fan, come in. Some of the best albums of the last few years have been aided by crowdsourcing. Two Cow Garage is no different. Help them finalize The Death of the Self Preservation Society so we, the masses, can enjoy yet another TCG album.

Watch and listen to the band beg, plead and promise their undying love for your support: 

Review, consider and contribute to their Indiegogo project here. I know you’ll do the right thing.

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