First Listen: Josaleigh Pollett – Strangers

1334286308_3161893562392_1116908913_32802156_1057649643_nDespite the common perception that suicide rates spike during winter months, research has shown the highest seasonal rate of suicide occurs in the early months of spring. The link between seasonal effects and psychopathology is related to two components of loneliness: present and future loneliness.

I wonder if Josaleigh Pollett even considered such research when writing her new song, “Strangers.” It’s a song of questioned motives, a song of longing for something that wasn’t and perhaps should have never been. Lurking just beneath the rhythmic beauty of “Strangers” is the psychology of human emotion.

In less than four minutes, Josaleigh Pollett poignantly recounts a season that in retrospect was nothing more than ignorance to reality. “Strangers” is a musical reminder that even with early spring upon us, those winter winds are still able to blow.

Listen to a just-released rough version of “Strangers” below. To me, any more polish on this song would tarnish the beauty of its unhurried immediacy.

[bandcamp track=3965782333 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Hear more of Josaleigh’s songs on ReverbNation.

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