Review: Fort Frances – Harbour EP

52013328-1Time can be good for the soul. Conversely, too much time at hand can lead one to excessive thought, questioning the minutia of daily life. In the hands of a deft songwriter, these two can be merged to offer a cleansing of sorts.

Evidence: David McMillin (guitar/vocals) who heads the Chicago trio Fort Frances. Rounding out the band are Jeffrey Piper (bass/vocals) and Aaron Kiser (drums/vocals).

We were just situational lovers
The kind that helped the day move along
But I burned all my minutes
And traded all my troubles
For a year out on my own
Compromise my heart
And the truths I used to know

Today Fort Frances released their new EP, Harbour. Composed of five songs that range from pensive dirges (“Truths I Used to Know”) to power pop (“I Had Love”), Harbour recounts time spent in deep reflection and the costs associated with one’s prior actions. Beautiful harmonies dot this EP, ending in a crescendo on the album’s closing track. A barn-burning singalong that includes piano, horns and strings, “I Had Love” takes us forward from a cold, Midwestern winter into spring where hopes and dreams are born anew.

Dear God give me something
I won’t be afraid to lose
I got up
I got down
I had love
On the back of my mind

Stream/purchase Harbour from Fort Frances below.

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