The Drams Live at Off Broadway (9/20/2005)

DramsSLO 066Here’s a live set from at-the-time newly-formed The Drams.

Composed of Slobberbone members Brent Best, Jess Barr and Tony Harper, rounding out the band’s lineup were Keith Killoren and Chad Stockslager.

This set was recorded at Off Broadway and includes Kelly Kneiser (née Smith) of Glossary.

01 Truth Lays Low
02 Hummalong
03 Holy Moses
04 Fireflies
05 September’s High
06 Shortsighted
07 When You’re Tired (with Kelly Smith of Glossary)
08 You Won’t Forget
09 Des Moines
10 Wonderous Life
11 Unhinged
12 Winterlong
13 I Am the Cosmos
14 Make a Book
15 Robert Cole

Download the entire set zipped here.

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