Review: Cosmonaut on Vacation – Let the Moment Land

a1041497905_10Bedroom musicians aren’t known for creating grandiose soundscapes (See: Capstan Shafts, Jandek). Yet in today’s technological age, someone was bound to emerge, casting aside such a notion. Let me introduce you to Cosmonaut on Vacation.

The sprawling, spaced-out vibe on Let the Moment Land, the debut album from Birmingham, Alabama’s Greg Slamen and Zach Evans, has its roots in ’70s Krautrock. The duo’s cover of Neu!’s instrumental “Hallogallo” (“Hallo(W) Gallo(W)”) provides the sonic template for the album despite its being a deep cut.

Much like the post-punk and electronic acts influenced by Neu!, Cosmonaut on Vacation meld the studio wizardry of Brian Eno and Radiohead with the attitude of Iggy and the Stooges (“Dirty World”) and the free-associating stoner vibe of Kurt Vile (“Underneath the Sun”). The result is a composite of every underground sound from the ’70s to the present, processed through a Cuisinart and served by Donovan on modern-day pharmaceuticals.

A mix of instrumental and full band tracks, Let the Moment Land is an album (yes, an album) of simple garage rock songs, yet ones that are layered and drenched in psych rock paranoia. Cosmonaut on Vacation have seemingly gone where the music took them, creating perhaps the album of the year. Let the Moment Land indeed.

Stream Let the Moment Land below and purchase the album through This Is American Music.

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