Review: Great Red Spots – Burn the Wish

a2755710033_10“Remember Sammy Jankis.”

This line was repeatedly used by Guy Pearce’s character, Leonard Shelby, in the 2000 film Memento. Thirteen years later, the Philadelphia-area band Great Red Spots memorialized the movie in song on their debut full length album, Burn the Wish. Unable to form new memories following the death of his wife, Leonard’s life is told through twin story lines (one in color, the other in black and white) that converge in the film to bring us to his present state. The film is an apt metaphor for Burn the Wish as it’s truly a result of what has come before.

To be here in color 
To be here in black and white 
I’ve lost all room to identify 
The second part of who I am 

The duo of Joe Musciano (vocals/guitar) and Sean Sacks (drums) meld the fury and sonic dynamic of early Soundgarden and Helmet in much the same way those bands co-opted Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to form their own influential sound. From the sludge stomp of “Wolf Queen” and blues groove of “Commitment Strike” to the agitated guitar and vocal drone of “Ten Oaths of Ten Colors,” Great Red Spots incorporate nearly all the hallmarks of guitar rock from the last 20-plus years. You may recognize the riffs — as you should, what with them in your face — but not at the expense of the band’s songs. They serve to fill out the band’s sound without sacrificing sincerity or authenticity.

To read between the lines I never wrote 
I don’t mind 
Read between the lines left in your head 
See what you find 

Yes, Great Red Spots are loud. And yes, Burn the Wish is memorable. I hope this album holds up as well as the film Memento does all these years since its release so we aren’t left asking, “Remember Great Red Spots?”

Stream and download Burn the Wish below.

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