Review: Ben de la Cour – Ghost Light

a2433922775_10With a back story worthy of Hemingway, New Orleans-based singer/songwriter Ben de la Cour has penned a dozen tales of his own on Ghost Light. A collection of previously recorded songs and new material, drifters, drunkards and ne’er-do-wells form de la Cour’s folk-inspired subject matter.

And that winding road to Joplin
Made me fee so all alone
Thought I heard a shuffling in the trunk
But I just kept moving on

From the tortured killer of “Howlin’ Down the Dark” to the broken soul of “Memorial Day,” de la Cour is deft at fleshing out characters both prideful and pained.

There’s a beating, golden heart
Inside this coffin made of bone
Or maybe inside this worn-out shell
There’s a heart as hard as stone

Featuring subtle instrumentation provided by Keith Bottello (drums) and Steve Calandra (bass), the pulsing lilt of “Slow” and familiar melody of “Down to Babylon” draw you in, casting a pretty sheen over de la Cour’s poignant Southern Gothic lyrics. Sounding fresh yet well-worn, there’s a warm comfort that blankets the demons haunting Ghost Light.

Stream and download Ghost Light below by naming your own price.

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