Review: Tedo Stone – Good Go Bad

tedostone1If your sound is even remotely close to what’s considered “throw back” there’s a good chance T. Rex will be noted as an influence. One recent album comes to mind: David Vandervelde’s debut, The Moonstation House Band (2007).

With Vandervelde seemingly on hiatus from recording, Tedo Stone has stepped in to refine the updated sound and production brought forth by Vandervelde. Full of pomp and swagger, Vandervelde’s album was also fraught with lyrical verbosity. Whereas The Moonstation House Band was dominated by attitude, Good Go Bad, the latest release from Tedo Stone, is filled with breezy moments, tossed off with a soulful insouciance.

How we supposed to know
That everything’s gonna last forever?
How we supposed to know
That everything won’t fall apart?

As if riffing on momentary notions, the lyrics of Good Go Bad are largely minimalist constructs of repeated couplets, the space between filled and punctuated with unhurried piano, guitar, horns and multi-tracked vocal refrains.

You’re making sense of your mind
I’m making sense of my mind
We’re making sense of our mind
Making sense of it all
Makes no sense at all

From the distorted soul of “Back Again” to the crashed piano ballad of “Time,” John Keane’s (REM, Vic Chesnutt, Indigo Girls) production of Good Go Bad is atmospheric (“Who”), ethereal (“High”) and even lacking (“Circles”), allowing Stone the space and freedom to complete his thoughts without constraint.

I don’t want to be on no goddamn island
Any place we find to hide will do
I don’t want to look if I can’t find it
I don’t want to be on no goddamn island

Timeless yet fresh, Good Go Bad is no throw back album; it’s post-modern soul at its finest. Released at the midpoint of the year, Good Go Bad is the perfect soundtrack for these slow burning summer nights downtown, “when the going’s good.”

Good Go Bad is available today through This Is American Music.

Stream Good Go Bad and download “Taste” below.


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