First Listen: The Get Togethers – June

original-the_get_togethers_-_home_as_in_houston_-_coverThe frozen grapes from the freezer melted in my mouth
Just like the long June hours I couldn’t figure out
I peeled their thin glossy skin between my white and brittle teeth
Just enough to feel their baby veins rolling from cheek to cheek
I wont sweep this under the rug
I will sweep it under your blood

And so begins “June,” the first single from the Nashville-based The Get Togethers. Don’t let the lyrics or location fool you; The Get Togethers are a straight-ahead, four-piece pop outfit, reminiscent of San Francisco’s Loquat.

Set to release their debut album, Home As In Houston, on 24 September, the album recounts the tragic 2007 endured by then-17-year-old singer Bethany Gray Frazier. Each song on Home As In Houston is a month-to-month retelling of the events that shaped Bethany into the person she is today.

Stream “June” from Home As In Houston below.

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