Download: Doug Carrion and the Blacklisted

avatars-000049881377-dcq7aq-t500x500Punk gone country. Why not? Country largely begat punk (see: cowpunk). Cash and Jennings were outlaw forebearers of the punk ethos.  John Doe of X has made a career out of straddling both sides of the fence. Dwight Yoakam has always had a boot heel in both worlds. Accolades and awards aside, modern artists like Jamey Johnson and Ryan Bingham bridge both gaps.

So why not a former member of punk luminaries such as the Descendents and Dag Nasty?

Unlike commercial radio musicians who have recently hopped genres to tackle the country charts, Doug Carrion hasn’t strayed far from his punk roots with his latest project, Doug C and the Blacklisted. Drawing influence from the Bakersfield sound, Doug C. and the Blacklisted fit comfortably alongside the legends and modern artists who continue to carry on the tradition.

It’s rare that an artist associated with the music of my youth may be equally important to the music of my present. Here’s hoping Doug C. and the Blacklisted continue to forge ahead. No matter the label or genre, Doug Carrion is the real deal.

At work on new music, you can catch Doug and his ad hoc band occasionally road testing their sound in Doug’s native state of California. For now, enjoy the songs below by Doug C. and the Blacklisted.

>> “Not Too Broke for Love”
>> “Love Me Tonight”
>> “Weekend Warrior”
>> “I Wanna Rev You Up”
>> “Long and Lonely Night”

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