Download: prattle on, rick. – The Flame/Your Dreams Will Always Follow

cover-square-for-CDBaby-300x300Proof that band names matter, I noticed prattle on, rick. thinking it was a reference to the ’80s British television show The Young Ones. Not quite. Rather, it’s an anagram of Nashville singer-songwriter Patrick Rickelton’s name.

No matter, Rickelton has released Some Quiet Majesty, the third album under his prattle on, rick. moniker. More fitting for The Young Ones‘ Neil than Rick, Mike or Vyvyan, Some Quiet Majesty delivers eight songs of introspection, hope and quiet wisdom.

Download “The Flame” and “Your Dreams Will Always Follow” and stream/purchase Some Quiet Majesty below.

>> “The Flame”
>> “Your Dreams Will Always Follow”

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