Review: Porter and The Pollies – S/T

a3844495862_10The Redneck American Dream is alive and well if you believe Some Dark Holler’s Chris Porter. Teaming with The Pollies for his latest release, Porter and The Pollies is a six-song riff on southern life and its stereotypes.

Have a hundred little kids
And a yard full of cars
Dig another hole
So we all don’t starve

Backfilling Porter’s warble, The Pollies provide the same sonic twang that blanketed their Best of 2012 release, Where the Lies Begin. Bringing the same fury found on their “Little Birdie” and “Rebel Man,” The Pollies drive home “Fourth of July,” Porter’s southern counterpoint to the Counting Crows’ “Hanginaround,” and the hillbilly ramble of “When I Get Home.”

Recorded live on the floor, Porter and The Pollies reeks of both urgency and weariness. Late night revelry giving way to morning meditation seeps through on the closer, “Blood on My Hands,” where Porter moans, “Don’t want my last breath / Wasted on sad songs and air.”

Worry not, Porter. As with Where the Lies Begin, Porter and The Pollies arrives in the waning days of the year, just in time to possibly scramble a few best of lists already penned.

Stream Porter and The Pollies below and purchase via This Is American Music.

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