Review: Wind vs Sun – Energy Crisis

a1713904856_10Culling the American songbook of the last few decades, the Memphis four-piece act Wind Vs Sun tie together loose strands of American rock music with their debut release, Energy Crisis. Pairing Kings of Leon vocals with bass-heavy grooves that draw upon Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and Elvis Costello, Wind Vs Sun refract post-punk through a modern pop lens.

Baby, it’s you that I need
It’s you I want to hold
So grab on tight
‘Cause tonight the world’s gonna explode

Composed of Dirk Kitterlin (vocals, bass), Brent Stabbs (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Schallert (piano, keyboards) and Rory Sullivan (drums), Wind vs Sun meld lyrics of immediacy and positivity with child-like keyboards (“Make Progress”), slinking blues (“Velvet Glove”) and psychedelic riffs (“Telstar Signs”), extending the traditional three-minute pop structure into rolling jams that never overstay their welcome.

I can’t stop staring
At the dress you’re wearing
We’re going on a midnight ride
Set out on an odyssey
To the other side
So far from were we thought we’d be

Bowing out with the slow burn of the title track, the songs on Energy Crisis are top down driving music that recall sun-drenched California rather than Memphis soul. Familiar yet fresh, Energy Crisis may just help cure the impending winter blues.

Stream/purchase Energy Crisis below.

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