Download: Arliss Nancy – Out Alive

Arliss_Nancy_Wild_American_Runners_LP_Sleeve.inddI can’t speak to the origins of “Out Alive,” a new song from Arliss Nancy, but it certainly sounds like an outtake from their Best of 2013 release Wild American Runners.

“Out Alive” is from a split 7″ single the band did with PJ Bond for the first Wax Packs release from Secret Audio Club. The mail order vinyl collection is 10 different 7″ releases of live tracks, covers and alternate versions of songs from the likes of Austin Lucas, John Moreland, Banquets, et al. Much like buying baseball cards, you aren’t sure what you’ll get. Rather than spell it out for you here, check out the details and pre-order a copy of Wax Packs for yourself here.

Download “Out Alive” from Arliss Nancy below.

>> “Out Alive”

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