Download: Marathon – Wax Packs Tracks

Marathon_largeThe former Rochester, New York punk band Marathon has seen a resurgence over the last few months, first with the reissue of their 2005 self-titled LP from Secret Audio Club and now the inclusion of two alternate versions of songs from said LP featured on the label’s Wax Packs series of 7″ singles.

Following Marathon’s disbanding, its members went on to play in groups such as Attica! Attica! and Polar Bear Club. With all the recent activity, the band is back together for two shows reported to take place in New York and New Jersey in late February/early March.

Until then, you can order a copy of their reissued LP here (sorry: black vinyl only) and download alternate versions of “Closing Time at the Distortion Factory” and “I Don’t Have a Dancing Problem” from Wax Packs below.

>> “Closing Time at the Distortion Factory”
>> “I Don’t Have a Dancing Problem”

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