Download: The Lies – Whatever

a0695850667_10The first 2014 release to come my way is Whatever, the debut EP from New Jersey’s The Lies.

Not quite metal, not quite punk, Whatever is rather an oozing slurry of blues and garage rock, akin to early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Vocalist/guitarist Ian Keller’s monotone, take-it-or-leave-it vocal delivery is fit for purpose, be it for admonishing the privileged on opener, “Don’t Know What You Have,” or juggling a slacker mentality with adult responsibility on “You and Me,” a treatise on the challenges of self-reliance.

I just wanna pack up my car
Quit my job and drive real far
But you can only run away for so long
I finally believe that i just need to trust what i see
Follow my heart given the situation

If by driving “real far” means going some 30 miles from West Milford to Stanhope, New Jersey, you are in luck as The Lies play their very first live show tonight at the Stanhope House. Be tonight’s show a train wreck or utter brilliance, it’s only rock and roll. Either or, check them out so you can say you saw them when.

Stream/download Whatever below.

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