Review: Historian – Shelf Life

a3128376078_10-1When consolidating beats akin to those from Radiohead’s Kid A, vocal refrains of Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips with guitar swells, syncopated jazz and stretched syllables …

Just can’t be perfect

For studio concerns such as the Los Angeles-based Historian (Chris Karman et al), these artists work best when attempting to capture …

Words and thoughts
Details Fade Away
The truth is not easily swallowed;
You’ve been in a vacuum that’s all
You better learn you gotta let go


Who can’t avoid a memory?


Details from shadowy clues
The last boarding call
More than I had heard
She’s down on my head …
But it was …


What’s the difference
Some of this liberty
Not tasted water?

It’s personal

Listen to what I said
It’s not impossible
It’s not …


Radiohead used the cut-up technique of Burroughs and Gysin. Amnesiac was the better of the two. And yet, Shelf Life has unfolded …

All around me
The water’s on my breath
I was speechless

Piece together your own thoughts on Historian’s Shelf Life by streaming/purchasing the album below.

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