Review: Jeremy Squires – When Will You Go…

a2278758337_10-1I’m on a broken ferris wheel, dangling down
Out of control, out of my mind
I’m bound to fall straight to the ground

These lines from “Oblivious” sum up the desolation that pervades When Will You Go…, the latest album from North Carolina’s Jeremy Squires. Living amongst the ghosts and whispers that echo from the album’s shadows, Squires subtly details lives discarded (“Gleaming”), mountain folk tales (“Dust to Dust”) and family deaths (“J.L.P.”), always arm’s reach away from the nightmares that haunt his world.

Curtains drawn
Day be gone from the place where monsters crawl out
From underneath my bed with all the things replaced
Mostly gone, their pigment washed away

Even in redemption Squires treads lightly, cautiously embracing happiness with guilty frailty as on “Like a Thief in the Night.” And yet on “Weightless,” the album’s darkest lyrical moment, Squires betrays his inner peace with his broken country warble.

One could feel sorry for Squires were he not so consistent and productive; as it stands with When Will You Go…, perhaps we should be content to let him channel the ghosts that drive his music a little longer. If pain makes great art, Squires has clearly embraced his muse. Were he to let her go the world would be a much sadder place.

Stream/purchase When Will You Go… below and download Squires’ even more recent EP, Afterall, for free via Bandcamp.

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