Monthly Archive: February 2014

Video – anchor & the butterfly – I Don’t Want To Miss Anything

Australia’s anchor & the butterfly will be releasing its debut album, Nothing to Win Nothing to Lose, on 31 March. The duo features Bridget Robertson (vocals) and Lance Hillier (guitar). Nothing to Win Nothing to Lose is the result of…
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Review: For All the Girls – 70 Love Songs

Literally one-upping Magnetic Fields, ex-touring musician and now-barber Drew Danburry returned to For All the Girls, his outlet for teenage nom de plume, Damien Fairchild, to release 70 Love Songs this past Valentine’s Day. Composed of tracks for all the girls 16-year-old protagonist Fairchild’s loved…
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Review: Pawns or Kings – Pomme de Terre

In “The Merv Griffin Show” episode of Seinfeld, Kramer remarks to Newman: “We need a new format. We should shut down and retool,” after exhausting their roster of guests. To relaunch his apartment talk show, Kramer devises a new format:…
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