First Listen: Broken Records – Toska

avatars-000066118638-hckh3e-t200x2002014 is shaping up to be a busy year for Scottish band Broken Records. Following on a successful PledgeMusic campaign to fund their forthcoming EP, Toska (due out 24 March), the band has select dates in the UK through April. Come May, they will then release their third LP, Weights and Pulleys.

According to singer Jamie Sutherland, the EP’s title track, “Toska” is “about conversations you have with your girlfriend and people that are close to you. It’s always that thing of when you’re talking about difficult times in a relationship it’s never black and white, big dramas and break ups. There’s this more considered approach to how relationships actually work. That’s kind of what the song is about. It’s about being unhappy but not really understanding why it is that you’re unhappy”.

Stream “Toska” below and hear for yourself. Tour dates are here.

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