Review: Cody Jasper – Cody Jasper

album-cover-for-websiteThe self-titled debut album from Austin, Texas-based Cody Jasper shoulders a heavy load, hefting soul, blues, rock and country along the way. Jasper makes it clear from the outset he is clearly in the rock camp, exorcising the Devil on album opener, “Black Cadillac,” channeling fellow Texans ZZ Top on “Cherry Pie” and dealing a hand of scuzz on the sexually-charged “Evil Woman.”

I lost all your records
Johnny Cash and “Tumbling Dice”
Ain’t it funny how vinyl
Can pass the time

Even with the energy of the album’s opening trifecta, it’s the slower moments on Cody Jasper that yield the greatest rewards. The repentance of “Holy Water” and solitary slink of “Rosemary” highlight Jasper’s range and skills as a songwriter and vocalist. This range is perhaps best demonstrated on the  punchy rocker “Someday.” If trimmed down to under four minutes, the song could easily be a radio hit on pop or modern country radio in the right hands.

The production on Cody Jasper varies between raw (“Black Cadillac”) and overly slick (the clichéd ode to the perils of cocaine, “Snow White”), lending to a bit of inconsistency. The former would better serve the ragged songwriting on this otherwise solid debut.

Watch Cody Jasper perform “Rosemary” below and purchase Cody Jasper via iTunes.

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