Couch By Couchwest 2014 – Day 4 Recap

CXCW2014_posterA big day for first-timers at Couch By Couchwest, including a number of Bucket Full of Nails favorites. The lovely Hannah Fair teamed up with Dustin Meadows to cover an Everly Brothers song. As one of the most talked-about artists here, it’s good to see Hannah active again (thanks for joining us, Hannah!). Daniel Markham, who released the amazing Ruined My Life last year, finally hung at CXCW, bringing the reverb. Even though they are headed to Austin, Alabama’s Belle Adair provided a video from the road. Listening to Charlie Parr is like hearing stories from your drunken grandfather — always a good thing. Today’s award for most appropriate/pandering song goes to Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s Hickory Town Ruckus. Having lived in Lancaster for more than 10 years, it’s a place close to my heart. And finally the story of Nathan Taylor speaks to the true beauty of CXCW — musicians turning each other on to the festival. Thanks for the referral, Wayward Sons!

Enjoy the sampling of today’s videos below and do check out all the artists who performed on Day 4 of CXCW.

Hannah Fair & Dustin Meadows – Long Time Gone (Everly Brothers cover)

Belle Adair – Clouds Never Break

Daniel Markham – Night (Just One More)

Nathan Taylor – None For Me

Hickory Town Ruckus – I’ve Never Been To Austin

Charlie Parr – On Marrying A Woman With An Uncontrollable Temper

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