Couch By Couchwest 2014 – Day 5 Recap

CXCW2014_posterToday may have been the best day ever at Couch By Couchwest. Ending with a set of five videos from the wedding of Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray was the perfect sendoff for all the great acts that performed today.

We will focus on the lessons learned today at CXCW. Thanks to Huke Green‘s tale of prostitution, “Queen of the Corner” and the absolutely beautiful “Rivertown” by Mark Cunningham we now know port-o-johns and school hallways (guessing here based on the masonry work) have great acoustics. Planning is everything for your CXCW video but speaking in French as done by Rebecca Morning & James Scott Bullard can rectify multiple false starts. Perhaps most importantly, Brendan Ahern of American Thread should never write a pop song; my man has a divine gift for situational drama. Attempting anything else would be a true waste of talent. What we failed to learn from Adam Dalton & The B-Sides was who was the hottest Catwoman — Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt. I’m sticking with Julie Newmar. Mrowr!

Brendan Ahern (American Thread) – Songs in the War

Huke Green – Queen of the Corner

Rebecca Morning & James Scott Bullard – Stop Dragging My Heart Around (Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks cover)

Mark Cunningham – Rivertown

Adam Dalton & The B-Sides – “1145″

Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – Wild Horses

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  1. Misti

    Love queen of the corner!!!!!!!!!

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