Couch By Couchwest 2014 – Day 6 Recap

CXCW2014_posterWith 17 days until Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, day 6 of Couch By Couchwest played out like a double header. Batting second today at CXCW was one of my favorite bands discovered through the festival, Alone at 3AM. Having traded their couch for an organ, Max and Sarah gave us “Upside,” a new song from their forthcoming album. Then they teamed up with fellow Cincinnati artist Arlo McKinley for “I’ve Got Her.” Think it’s a coincidence Sofa Burn Records is behind their 2013 split with The Garrison and upcoming album release?

If the trade rumors are true and Rosanne Cash does in fact make an appearance at CXCW, she has her work cut out for her, following Emi Sunshine, who one day will, without a doubt, play the Grand Ole Opry.

During spring training it’s common for teams to play split-squad games, resting older guys and giving the rookies a day to play. We’ll guess Dos Ringos err on the veteran side and needed a few days off between sets.

There’s always a Cuban defector or Japanese player looking to sign a major league contract as a pitcher — namely with the Yankees. At CXCW, sabremetrics research shows Germany’s The Teenage Spaceship to be the low cost/high reward pick as a late-inning reliever.

And since statisticians love baseball, we’ll have Victory Hands and their math rock, pinch hit for us in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Enjoy the sampling of today’s videos below and do check out all the artists who performed on Day 6 of CXCW.

Alone at 3AM – Upside

Arlo McKinley with Alone At 3am – I’ve Got Her

Emi Sunshine – A Year Times Ten

Emi Sunshine – Little Black Bird (my vote for CXCW2014 song of the year)

Dos Ringos – Roses

Dos Ringos – KY Women

The Teenage Spaceship – Early Bird

Victory Hands – Excellent Television

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