First Listen: Vows – 0 / vows

a2380221071_10Not content with just one album, New Jersey’s Vows released two albums this week, 0 and the self-titled vows.

While 0 sides more on the folk guitar spectrum, vows trends toward electronic dream pop. Both hint at an inherent darkness that underlies the atmospheric sheen, be it on “Your Captain Speaking” or “Oubliette” which recalls Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd.

And you can stare me in the face
And tell me every word is binding
I know I’ve got a lot to waste
But you don’t have to keep reminding

With six songs on each release, there is no excess fat. Concise and to the point, both 0 and vows do their job with efficiency yet linger on long after the fact.

Stream/download both albums from Vows below.



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