Review: Twin Berlin – Sleazebrain

a3842719655_2Connecticut’s Twin Berlin describes its sound as “raw and belligerent music born out of anxiety and self doubt, executed with a confident, sarcastic swagger.” After listening to the band’s latest release, Sleazebrain, the latter part of this description holds true, while the former sells short the band’s ability.

Whereas the band’s 2012 three-song EP, There Goes My Virtue, contained the pomp and melodic polish of The Strokes’ Is This It and guitar heroics of Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis, Sleazebrain finds Twin Berlin adding the teen angst of Nirvana to great effect. Carrying their earlier sound over onto their full-length debut (“Don’t Talk to Me”), Sleazebrain expands the band’s earlier attacks to a more open and dynamic sound.

Taking notice, Alternative Nation named Twin Berlin to a recent New Artists Showcase. A well-deserved honor given this highly focused release.

Watch the video for “You’re A Problem” and stream/download Sleazebrain below for free and bob your head along for the rest of the day.

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