Review: The Bigsbys – Good Will Suitcase

coverOh I’m not the one that’s leaving you behind
Oh you put it down like you got something on your mind
Oh I ain’t the one that you’ve been chasing
No I ain’t in charge of your salvation
But I got your suitcase in my hallway

There’s quite a bit of moving on recounted on Good Will Suitcase, the sophomore album from Texas outfit The Bigsbys. From the opener, “Don’t Look Back,” to the one-foot-out-the-door breakup song, “Hallway,” it’s clear there is no going back.

Cigarettes and cheap wine they make you older
And I’ve done some bad things in my past
You know I’ve found it harder to stay sober
When all you got is Jack Daniels and Johnny Cash

These trite country tropes could have easily derailed “All You Got” were it not for the truth and conviction delivered by lead vocalist Alex Smith. Throw in a cover of Whiskeytown’s “Crazy About You” with a slick organ groove and you know exactly where The Bigsbys stand.

Named after a now-legendary thrift store purchase, Good Will Suitcase is packed with a potable mix of American pride (see album standout: “Train City Blues”), Dust Bowl blues and southern swagger. This excellent collection of songs perhaps shares more with the title of Alan Jackson’s 1992 album, A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ’bout Love), yet Good Will Suitcase is an apt metaphor for the baggage we all carry and occasionally attempt to blot out if only for a night or two.

Stream six songs from Good Will Suitcase below and purchase the album via Lone Star Music.

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