Download: Andrew Rinehart – Everything (Part 1)

a1151488269_10Anyone who has experienced a relationship will immediately take a shine to “Doin’ What We Have To Do,” the opening song from Everything (Part 1), the debut EP from Andrew Rinehart.

Andrew Rinehart is the latest persona of Los Angeles artist, Andrew Sellers. Having fronted bands in Louisville, Kentucky (Flight Nineteen) and New York City (Splash), Sellers changes names as often as he relocates. Now focused on solo material, he released The Funeral Home Sessions, an EP of covers, in 2013 under the alias Rinehart. Adding his given name to the moniker, Andrew Rinehart was born. Ironically, he sings “We are forever one and the same / In the end they have just one name” on the creaky “Reminders to Myself” from his latest release.

Everything (Part 1) is the first piece of a forthcoming larger collection — an album composed of three separate EPs. A plaintive acoustic affair, there’s no telling what parts 2 and 3 will bring so stay tuned.

Stream/download Everything (Part 1) below.

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