First Listen: Jeffrey Martin – Dogs in the Daylight

artworks-000085031623-8pfomk-t500x500Words. Strip away the jazz arrangement on “Dogs in the Daylight,” the title track from Portland, Oregon, singer Jeffrey Martin‘s forthcoming LP, Dogs in the Daylight, and you are left with words. Powerful words:

For a man is only a man
Until he isn’t
And the wolves in the dark
They’re only dogs in the daylight

The energy of “Dogs in the Daylight” could only have come from being recorded live on the floor. Martin, Anna Tivel (fiddle), Sam Howard (bass), Kai Welch (trumpet) and Jody Redifer (drums) concoct an intoxicating stew that wafts along Welch’s trumpet fills and Howard’s bass that competes with Martin’s booming voice.

To be released on 19 August, you can stream the title track from Dogs in the Daylight below and pre-order the album via Fluff & Gravy Records.

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