Backtracks: Quiet Hollers – I Am the Morning

a0151438301_10Looking forward to 2015, let’s revisit I Am the Morning, the unheralded gem from Louisville, Kentucky’s Quiet Hollers. Released in 2013, the band reportedly will begin issuing singles from their forthcoming album in January 2015.

Quiet Hollers celebrate sad bastard songs like the pleading “Road Song” and crushed dreams of “Some Day Darlin'”. Populating I Am the Morning with downtrodden characters like the retired pugilist fighting to be a man on “Boxer Song” and the defiant sailor describing his deathbed wish on “Deep Sea Mama,” Quiet Hollers will have you believe that when our time comes to an end we must face it alone, finding our own salvation in those final moments.

With new music just over the horizon, should Quiet Hollers come close to capturing the power and beauty of “Flying Song,” the closing track from I Am the Morning, we’ll be in good hands come the new year.

Stream/purchase I Am the Morning below.

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