Best of 2014 #2: Stone Jack Jones – Ancestor

Best of 2014 – #2
Stone Jack Jones – Ancestor (Western Vinyl)

artworks-000071807589-eg96ww-t500x500There are people born to tell the truth and others who embellish it to fit their own end. Nashville artist Stone Jack Jones falls somewhere in between the two with Ancestor. Drawing from his own roots to detail the darker corners of Americana that began centuries ago with tales and songs passed down through the oral tradition, there is as much myth surrounding Jones as is in his songs. Be he mystic or huckster, it is not for us to question; you simply follow the yarns spun by Jones and go wherever they lead you.

Jones will release Love & Torture, his follow up to Ancestor, on 17 March 2015.

Read my initial thoughts on Ancestor here. Stream “State I’m In” and watch the mini-documentary on the making of Ancestor below. Purchase Ancestor via Western Vinyl.

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