Download: Terrorista – Purple Tape

a1914209561_10Can we still call them “cassingles” in today’s digital age? Perhaps in Canada, which may explain why Toronto punk twosome Terrorista has just released its second of four planned cassette singles. Starting with their Pink Tape in September, Sam Hargrove and Rich Taylor’s Purple Tape contains the singles “Darren vs Bag” and “Double Negative,” both featuring Hargrove’s charred earth vocals over thudding drums and overdriven guitars.

Considering the quality of cassette tapes, Purple Tape may exhibit questionable fidelity at high volumes, but isn’t that the point here? DIY goodness.

Be on the lookout for Terrorista’s forthcoming Green Tape and Blue Tape, when, once combined, the four releases together will comprise a full album. Stream/download Terrorista’s Purple Tape below or purchase the limited edition cassette via Bandcamp.

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