First Listen: J. Marinelli – Acceptable Faces

a4112041731_10To the attention of: Julian Casablancas

Exceptional fates for acceptable faces
Age is a number, cool is a binary
Acceptable rates for exceptional races
Wealth is a ghetto, no less than poverty
Sorry, the same rules apply
It’s all cut-and-dry
No matter who your father knows
Bother what your mother owns
You better pay up for a job well-done
Or you’ll reap what you’ve sown
Don’t care what your connections are
Vague notions of how you’ll go far
With your bland-o band
Press kit in hand


J. Marinelli
Lexington, KY

Needing seven less minutes than The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” to deliver a similarly charged indictment, “Acceptable Faces” is the first single from the forthcoming
Stop Paying Attention, the latest release from Kentucky’s soapbox Shakespeare J. Marinelli.

To be released on 12 May via Twin Cousin Records, you can stream “Acceptable Faces” and pre-order Stop Paying Attention on limited edition 12″ 45 RPM vinyl below.

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