8 Questions: Doug Burr

PWD1400x1400Five years after his last LP, Denton, Texas singer/songwriter Doug Burr has just released Pale White Dove, an 11-song collection of heavy riffs, poignant ballads and pop laments.

Through the power of the Internet, Doug took a few moments to answer our 8 Questions:

BFoN: Favorite instrument
DB: Guitar

BFoN: Favorite book
DB: (in the current era) I See Satan Fall Like Lightning – René Girard

BFoN: Musical influences
DB: Blind Willie Johnson, Bruce Springsteen, The Gun Club

BFoN: Favorite album of 2014
DB: Centro-matic’s Take Pride in Your Long Odds

BFoN: Star Wars or Star Trek
DB: Star Wars

BFoN: Which member of the band is most like a Spinal Tap character
DB: That’d probably be me … I’m the most likely to get lost backstage

BFoN: First album you purchased
DB: Beach Boys (maybe a greatest hits collection)

BFoN: Origin of your band’s name
DB: Just my name – it was a side project at the time from my other band, The Lonelies

Thanks to Doug for his time. He plays a record release show this evening in Denton at Dan’s Silverleaf with Daniel Markham and Dim Locator. Tickets here.

Stream select tracks from Pale White Dove below and purchase the album via Velvet Blue Music or iTunes.

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