First Listen: The Chicago Bubs


Two things closest to the heart of Bucket Full of Nails are baseball and vinyl.

Major League Baseball officially kicks off the 2015 season this Sunday. Will you be following along? Baseball has gone from strength to strength in recent years and last season was one of the most dramatic to date. There was so much buzz about the games and betting websites such as FanDuel were inundated with excited baseball fans placing bets on their favorite teams and players. No one could predict what was going to happen next!

This also an exciting time of year for music. Yes, it is nearly Record Store Day! Record Store Day is set for 18 April. No matter what happens come October, our friends at Twin Cousins Records (headquartered in baseball-less West Virginia, we assume they are Pirates fans) have assembled one hell of an opening day roster with their planned Record Store Day release of The Chicago Bubs, an eight-song collection to be released on limited-edition cassette. Coinciding with the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, each act on The Chicago Bubs will be featured at Twin Cousins’ showcase to be held at Burlington Bar on Record Store Day. Cassettes, vinyl … we can forgive the liberties taken between these two analog technologies as most bands included on The Chicago Bubs have been featured here previously.

The batting order for The Chicago Bubs includes:

1. Coyotes in Boxes – Trusty Gun (New Mix)
2. Bishops – Bad Blood
3. J. Marinelli – Madison Girls
4. Goodwolf – Now Is Not A Very Good Time (Demo)

1. Ona – World at War (Demo)
2. William Matheny – Eight, Not Four (Crab Sandwich)
3. Bud Carroll – Ever Hope To Find
4. Tyler Childers – Nose on the Grindstone (Live at Eddie’s Attic)

Given the release of The Chicago Bubs references an NL team, the pitcher has yet to be named as no DH will be used here. Stream and pre-order the limited edition cassette below. While you are at it, order an unofficially licensed limited edition Chicago Bubs T-shirt here.

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