First Listen: Graham Repulski – Octopus Bribes

a0725350422_10Kicking off Philadelphia Week here at Bucket Full of Nails, omnipresent auteur Graham Repulski returns with a new single, “Octopus Bribes.” Never one to stray from the “Everything I Learned About Music Came From Guided By Voices” philosophy, Repulski’s staunch lo-fi stance is to be admired.

Unlike Ballerina Arcade where no song meandered for more than 88 seconds, “Octopus Bribes” and b-side “Zip Flag Erections” finds Repulski stretching out, with both pushing the three-minute mark. Again mastered by Pollard confidant Todd Tobias, “Octopus Bribes” recalls those early GBV recordings where you were not quite sure who was singing or what was being sung, yet neither mattered.

To be issued as a cassette single on 7 July — and included on Repulski’s Success Racist LP due out September 2015 — you can stream “Octopus Bribes” and “Zip Flag Erections” below.

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