Review: Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy – Strangers

a0208034191_10New to Bucket Full of Nails but not the Philadelphia musical scene, the duo of Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy released their debut LP, Repose, this February. Quickly following on, the pair recently issued the intimate four-song EP, Strangers. Steeped in harmonies, strings and anguish, Nathan Allebach and Rachel Moyer tackle matters of the heart head-on, be it on opener “Dance Around My Mind” with Allebach voicing the longings of a pale rider or the promises of “Mountain” where Moyer takes the lead.

What could be summarily dismissed as singer-songwriter fare, the vocal interplay between Allebach and Moyer and accompanying string arrangements turn the prototypical he said, she said motif into a larger conversation, one that ends with more questions than answers. Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy understand love is complicated and twisted; their elegant musical output echoes such a sentiment, albeit tinged with hope.

Stream/download Strangers below.

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