Video: Gregory Pepper and His Problems – Welcome to the Dullhouse

a1964372262_10Both honoring and skewering the post-Cobain ’90s when pop-punk acts like Weezer and Blink 182 held the limelight, Ontario, Canada’s Gregory Pepper needs just a minute to distill a half-decade’s worth of music down on “Welcome to the Dullhouse.”

The lead single from his forthcoming album, Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!, a 10-song 7″ vinyl release to be issued on 21 August, “Welcome to the Dullhouse” is a wry ode to being a homebody living in relative obscurity. Provided a campy video treatment, “Welcome to the Dullhouse” is a lo-fi summer blockbuster with Michael Ian Black doppelgänger Pepper doing his best Ryan Adams impersonation while various instruments burn and the hipsters fail at every turn.

Watch the video for “Welcome to the Dullhouse” below and pre-order Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! via Fake Four Inc. Featuring such song titles as “Smartphones For Stupid People” and “I Wonder Whose Dick You Had To Suck?”, it’s bound to be a hit.

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