First Listen: Capt. Lovelace – Banana Hammock

a0304841155_10No vocal melody, no problem. Francophone Beatrice Wood coos her way through “Banana Hammock” in English, narrating a seemingly cutesy, wafting ode to love with an acoustic guitar and fragmented vocal phrasing. Yet, the first single from her debut EP, /* Preview Pane */, requires strict attention to detail.

Much like the Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs”, “Banana Hammock” finds the French-born singer who now resides in Brighton, England and performs as Capt. Lovelace recounting a game of master and servant. More of an ambiguous memory than the Velvets’ real time S&M scenario, Capt. Lovelace explores both dominant and submissive roles with aplomb.

Five years in the making, the just-released five-song /* Preview Pane */ is a no-fi collection of surrealist reflections that serve as both innocuous lullabies and blunt critiques. Stream “Banana Hammock” below and purchase /* Preview Pane */ on limited-edition cassette via Bandcamp.

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