Best of 2015 #1: Andrew Bryant – This is the Life

Best of 2015 – #1
Andrew Bryant – This is the Life (Sleep Recordings)

a0019554292_10The musical standard for 2015 was set back in January by This is the Life, the first solo album in six years from Water Liars drummer Andrew Bryant.

Any reservations I may have had about This is the Life were put to rest in April when Bryant played a house show in York, Pennsylvania. Performing the bulk of the album that night, songs were drawn out, their urgency replaced by poignancy and power. Nearly breaking a guitar string while playing “Friendly Cops,” Bryant reworked “Keep it Together” on piano and added emphasis to “It Takes Time” and closer “Do Your Work,” leaving those in attendance speechless.

Nearly a year later, I still pump my fists, weep and ponder my own being when listening to This is the Life.

Read my review of This is the Life here and stream/purchase the album on digital format below or on vinyl and CD via Sleep Recordings.

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