Video: Grant Earl Lavalley – Let the Light Shine In

Kidney_Jackleg_digiDesert-dwelling prophet Grant Earl Lavalley gets down to rebirth and biblical questioning on debut single “Let the Light Shine In.”

Hell is in the weather
But I don’t mind
Keeps me while I’m keeping on
I take it as a sign

The a-side to the foreboding “Dark Love,” the bleakness of “Let the Light Shine In” is washed away by Lavalley’s mystical words. Again working with Sarah Bernat and Caitlin Denny, the video for “Let the Light Shine In” and its trio of antiheroes all portrayed by Lavalley unfolds like a Sergio Leone film set in today’s cartel lands.

Watch the video for “Let the Light Shine In” below and purchase the single w/b-side “Dark Love” via Exit Stencil Recordings.

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