Review: Brian Combs – Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters

I’ve been told the life you live isn’t always the life you choose
Ain’t it funny how many words rhyme with lose

There’s a new voice this side of the horizon and it goes by the name Brian Combs. Approaching sanctity on “Hurricane,” Combs spits hardscrabble truths across the tracks of Lexington, Kentucky with his tumbled gravel delivery, imparting Einsteinian wisdom on “Featherless Appendages” and dissolution on “Mainline” with its desert echo.

True to its title, there’s little happiness to be found on Combs’ debut album, Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters. Aside from the sleazy Stones-ish opener “Little Misunderstood” and harmony-laden “Like Gasoline,” life’s pummeling fist drives Combs’ characters down to their nadir, be it through bloodlines as on “She Thinks That I”m Her Stone” and “Bury the Weeds” or outright indifference as on the dour “Train Wreck.”

I’m the kind of man who likes to watch a train wreck every now and then
Sit in anticipation for the demise coming round the bend
The only skies noticed are gray
Interested in a different kind of blue

Conjuring a musical storm from darkened skies, Combs passes lessons learned onto future generations, empowering those offspring to rise against past mistakes.

Released via Shaker Steps, you can stream/purchase the Vinyl Worthy Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters below.

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