Video: ENTRANCE – Always the Right Time

Timeless in its simplicity and sentiment, “Always the Right Time” from ENTRANCE (Guy Blakeslee) is more than a buttercream-frosted paean to love. Doubling as a charged political statement for current days, the Jay Buim-directed video features transgender actress Katherine Lyra Wakefield who notes, “Love is the only means we have to counteract hate and violence. More hate and violence will only make things worse. Through understanding and unconditional love there can be a larger ‘we,’ a society that cares about the most vulnerable and forgets no one. We have the potential now more than ever. The movements in the 60s were amazing and inspiring but we have to go all the way this time. Love is more powerful than hate. Stay strong and when you’re tired, don’t give up. Lean on each other and keep going.”

Embrace “Always the Right Time,” the first single from Blakeslee’s most recent LP, Book of Changes, by watching the video below and purchasing the album on vinyl, CD and digital formats via Thrill Jockey.

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