8 Questions: Madisons

artworks-000079055318-0lzleg-t500x500Hot off the release of their sophomore album, You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back To West Texas!, the seven-piece Austin, Texas indie-folk outfit Madisons graciously answered our 8 Questions.

Consisting of the following members, our Q&A with Madisons is below.

Dominic Solis (vocals/guitar)
Thomas Damron (upright bass)
Cameron Cummings (lead guitar)
Jocelyn White (violin/vocals)
Nick Kukowski (banjo)
Oscar Gomez (trumpet/percussion)
Mike Rothschild (drums)

BFoN: Favorite instrument

DS: Vibra Slap
TD: Upright Bass
CC: Electric guitar
JW: The viola and the piano
NK: Concertina
OG: Trombone
MR: Gretch Catalina Maple Drumset

BFoN: Favorite book

DS: Right now it’s a book called Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. It’s a memoir.
CC: The One Thing – Gary Keller
TD: The War of Art
JW: The Alchemist, A narrative about finding your own personal destiny.
NK: The Art Of War – Sun Tzu
OG: Salem’s Lot
MR: The Name of the Wind – Fantasy book about a boy who can always rely on his music to get him through tough times.

BFoN: Musical Influences

DS: Daniel Johnston, Warren Zevon, T-Bird and the Breaks, Ryan Adams, Drive-by Truckers, Neil Young
TD: Mingus, Miles, ‘Trane, Metallica
JW: Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Norah Jones, Michael Jackson, and Hilary Hahn,
MK: Bluegrass, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Black Flag, DIO, Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner, Nikola Tesla, freshly baked bread, rain, morning dew in a meadow full of flowers.
OG: Steetlight Manifesto, Mogwai
MR: Zac Brown Band, Blackberry Smoke, Ray Charles, The Band, The Wood Brothers, B.B. King, The Beatles, John Mayer

BFoN: Favorite album of 2013

DS: Neko Case – The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You
CC: No clue …
TD: I found podcasts and haven’t listened to music since
JW: Ripely Pine – Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
NK: The Deadly Gentlemen – Roll Me, Tumble Me
OG: East Cameron Folkcore – For Sale
MR: Zac Brown Band – The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1: An amazing combination of vocals, songwriting, jams and Dave Grohl.

BFoN: Star Wars or Star Trek

DS: The old Star Wars for sure, but the new Star Trek movies are badass!
CC: Star Wars
TD: Star Wars
JW: Oh man that’s tough. Probably Star Wars for the Ewoks, Yoda, and my own nostalgia.
NK: I dislike this question, because I have to choose … Though, I reluctantly would choose Star Wars (sans Phantom Menace)
OG: Star Wars
MR: No question, Star Wars

BFoN: Which member of the band is most like a Spinal Tap Character

DS: Cameron. He’s referred to himself as a “diva”
CC: Me … duh
TD: No Comment
JW: Oscar. He will surprise you with eccentric outfits and sneakily witty comments
NK: Although we have a steady drummer now, we’ve changed drummers quite a bit. Luckily, not because of any explosions/electrocutions/fatalities.
OG: Cameron
MR: I’m just hoping it’s not me

BFoN: First album you purchased

DS: It was either The Second by Steppenwolf or a Selena tape.
CC: Texas Flood – Stevie [Ray Vaughan]
TD: Master of Puppets
JW: The Presidents of the United States of America…I think.
NK: Sepultura – ROOTS
OG: Rocky Soundtrack
MR: Space Jam Soundtrack

BFoN: Origin of band name

DS: Our original violin player’s middle name, which we agreed was pretty, but forgettable. If people remembered us, we wanted it to be for the sound. She quit the band. I regret nothing.
CC: Violinist’s middle name
TD: No Comment
JW: What Dom said
OG: Rachel Madison Lane
MR: Our original violin player’s middle name

Featuring songs of utter sadness, brutal truths and odes to ne’er-do-wells, Madisons whitewash life’s bleaker moments with joyous instrumentation. A true onion of an album that reveals more with each listen, stream the strident “In My Pocket Forever” below and purchase You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back To West Texas! via iTunes.

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