Best of 2013

BFoN_logo_290For the sake of legitimacy at the expense of objectivity, my Best of 2013 list is composed of albums I’ve either discussed or reviewed here this year. Having listened to more music in 2013 than any prior year, I only scratched the surface, eschewing major label releases and buzz bands in favor of music that struck my fancy in one way or another. Sure, there were other fantastic albums released this year (see: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away, Starflyer 59 – IAMACEO), but let’s be honest: the music I cover here is independent in nature, often only available online and in digital format. The lesson I’ve learned this year is this: seek and you will find great music.

With the above disclaimer out of the way, I give you my top five albums of 2013:

#1 – Doc Feldman and the LD50 – Sundowning at the Station (This Is American Music)

#2 – Wooden Wand – Blood Oaths of the New Blues (Fire Records)

#3 – Arliss Nancy – Wild American Runners (Black Numbers)

#4 – Cosmonaut on Vacation – Let the Moment Land (This Is American Music)

#5 – Dead Flowers – Midnight at the Wheel Club (Hee Haw Records)

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