Best of 2015

BFoN_logo_290As with previous years, the music that fell magically into my lap in 2015 will have a lasting impact for years to come. While this year’s Best Of List includes a few acts covered here before, it’s worth noting other longtime favorites who released albums this year fell way short of expectations in my estimation.

Labeling any album “The Best” is a presumptuous and subjective matter, but when comparing my favorite LPs of 2015 to those that spawned this blog in 2012, the artistic passion is the same, as is the life-affirming nature of each release. Whatever your sonic taste, the best music moves the soul, touches the heart and tickles the brain. Adhering to my own conditions of not including albums I’ve reviewed elsewhere, recordings from Stone Jack Jones, John Moreland, Two Sheds and Gun Outfit should be on your radar as they greatly helped shape the sound of 2015. As should the Americana artists I wrote about for PopMatters.

The following five albums accomplished all three feats for me in the last 12 months. While deserving of a bigger audience, I’m happy to have reviewed these artists exclusively for Bucket Full of Nails.

#1 Andrew Bryant – This is the Life (Sleep Recordings)

#2 Will Johnson – Swan City Vampires (Undertow Music)

#3 Joey Kneiser – The Wildness (This Is American Music)

#4 J. Marinelli – Stop Paying Attention (Twin Cousins Records)

#5 Have Gun, Will Travel – Science from an Easy Chair (This Is American Music)

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